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Originally Posted by kurple
two 1sts for Jason Smith is WAAY to much... I'd give maybe two 2nd round picks

I agree that 2 1sts is too much- 2 2nds or 1 1st would be a great deal for nugs- would they take that though? Prob not

The future does not look good for 7 footers coming into the nba, it will be hard to get bigger in the draft anyway + the last colorado guy the nugs brought is working out all right

As unlikely as a big trade is it seems more likely that it would need to be a multi team trade to get value out of the te's and any pick/s

Remember it cost a 1st for petro, wouldn't smith cost more- mostly just saying even as a good fit a trade seems unlikely

Nugs should sign lester hudson with both pg's banged up

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