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Originally Posted by TEXAS BATMAN
First off I haven't bought a cd in years. What's the point when I can download it on limewire. Join the new age gramps. I've heard some of King's most recent efforts. He has over 50, I repeat, 50 recorded albums. What sense would it make to keep recording the same type of sound over and over and over again. And calling the annointed, not self-proclaimed King of Blues an uncle tom lets me know you have the common sense of a mangy back alley tomcat and the neighbors should pelt you with canned goods. Don't equate a soul crooner who laments the struggle of not just his race, but ALL men, an uncle tom. If King's an unc tom, I guess that makes THE 'King' a ****** with a good hip swivel. Spare me.

i would say thats its not cool to download music so you can support the artist but i figure that they are rich anyway so fcuk it i have better things to spend my money on than CD's.
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