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Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
i would say thats its not cool to download music so you can support the artist but i figure that they are rich anyway so fcuk it i have better things to spend my money on than CD's.

artists make a ton of money touring, and only a small portion of their revenue comes from record sales.

it is the record companies fault that downloading got out of control, they fought the technology so they could continue to sell you 25 cent CDs for $25.

record companies also try to sell us fads and jam music we should like down our throats by polluting the airwaves with drizzle.

on the internet you can find a good band that a record company may never have promoted, go see them live when they pass through your town and that will have benifited them more than you having bought their CD.

the internet allows the true artists to shine, not the corporate money making shills like all the crap pop acts out there today

downlaod away and never feel guilty again

dont believe the hype

The Rolling Stones grossed over ONE BILLION DOLLARS on their recent tour, do you think they care if you downloaded their music.

It is free advertising for the live show
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