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Not all bands make most of their money from tours, that's just untrue. Most bands can't even afford to tour twice a year, let alone year round. Sure, the Rolling Stones or U2 can make hella cash off huge elaborate tours, but they are established, immensly popular, bands... the vast majority of bands aren't. It takes CD sales and merchandise sales to keep these bands afloat. Gigs are only half the equation.

I have friends who literally put out records, and trust me it's not a joke to them when they hear their tunes have been leaked and people are downloading them for free. They put time, effort, and money into their music. It's their job, it's their lives. When somebody (downloader) is robbing you of any sort of monetary compensation, it can hurt, big time. And remember, most bands/artists aren't millionaires like Rolling Stones, etc. They can afford to take the downloading-hit, they made their fortune before any peer-to-peer file sharing was even dominant.

It's not the record companies fault for crap music, it's ours. We don't support the bands/artists we like anymore (ie going out and buying their tunes). You can't blame the record industries for feeding, already lazy and selfish people, crap music. Why do you think there's so much commercial crap on the radio/tv/etc? It's because these record industries have no way of knowing what's good if nobody buys the good stuff anymore. Stealing your music doesn't send a message to the music industry saying, "play more of this". It sends a message to bands/artists saying, "we don't like you enough to buy your product", and "we're comfortable keeping you unknown for the sake of our own wallets"... talk about biting the hand that feeds.

Some of you have this whole thing backwards imo. I know working artists, and I've seen it from their perspective, maybe I'm one of the few. It's not fun to see your work passed around for free, while you album is sitting on best buy shelf untouched. Sure, huge well-established bands/artists can shrug it off, but you've got to be kidding if you think every local, up and coming, band across the world can. Not even tours or gigs can save them from dwindling sales. And 90% of bands/artists don't have a convenient MTV presence to fall back on (eg, alot of these emo, mallpunk bands nowadays).

If I can get my friends to do one thing, it's this. If you're going to download, at least have some ethical standards. Sure, feel free to download from well established groups who won't be fazed in the slightest (Nirvana, Elton John, Beatles, Tupac, etc). But, if you're downloading from up-and-coming groups/artists, at least use the download as an indication of whether you're going to buy the CD or not... its the only right thing to do.

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