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Originally Posted by rufuspaul
That sounds awesome. I wouldn't add anything else because I don't want to mask the salmon flavor too much. It speeds up the process if you add some weight on top of the fish while it's curing. I've followed Emeril's cue and used bricks wrapped in foil.

You should post some pics of the finished product.

my recipe for gavadlax is something like 150g salt, 250g sugar, 2 chopped bunches of dill, a t-spoon of white pepper and some cracked black pepper, then, mix it together add spread on the side of salmon, and leave for 2 or3 days depending on the size of it, find what ever i can to weigh it down (catering size boxes of butter tend to do the trick) serve with watercress salad and honey and whole grain mustard dressing,
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