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Originally Posted by kurple
I don't understand why you want to move KMart. He's a bit overplayed, but he's playing like an 10+mill player this season IMO..

At least wait one season and trade him as an 17mill expiring...

And Lawson is as close to untouchable as possible

I just don't think lawson should be untouchable- why? To me players that are untouchable are players who you couldn't get eqaul or better value for- imo you could get twice lawsons value in a trade possibly- could you get 2 superstars for carmelo, no- could you get a consistent star for jr, no- could you get a better big for nene, no

You have to understand that both ability and opportunity are important in these guys chances of success at the nba level- I'm a believer that there were thousands of guys that would have looked great stepping into a battle w ac- lawson is playing well and is effective at what he does, but he isn't a guy I'd want as a starter ever and if another team thinks of him as a starter I think he has to be atleast considered for a trade

I love kmarts game- but he isn't worth a 1/4th of the cap- and that's if he's healthy- with the organizations unwillingness to have a bigger payroll it makes him a luxery that a cheap team can't afford- I'm all about the trade him when he's an expirer, but even more important imo is trade him while he's healthy- you shouldn't gamble if your broke

To me untouchable is carmelo, nene, billups, and I don't think anyone gives up the value jr can have for this franchise going forward
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