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Default Re: Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

Originally Posted by Timmy D for MVP
I assume you mean only on the offensive side. And no I feel I can spot from my spot at any point. I am more comfortable controlling the ball but if I am I'll probably pass rather than score so...

[b]I also get a lot of garbage points off rebounds and such.

Yea I actually like that role too (along with playing tough D) but with my hammys and knee I can't be jumping all over the place. When I got my vert up to 34 I probably would have proffered it... but right now no lol.

It really just makes me realize how special guys like Lebron and Wade are... They not only handle the ball all the time but they can play lockdown D too... tho not for 4 quarters no way. Those guys are just crazy athletes tho.
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