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Default Al Jefferson: THE MAN OR THE MYTH?

If we keep building around him; is it going to pay dividends? I'm not sure if he doesn't trust his teammates or he just has tunnel vision and doesn't look around. He gets stripped a lot if help defense comes by. He doesn't pass the ball a whole lot and he doesn't come out of the post to contest gaurd/forward jump shots.

If the triangle is based off of great passers, then how does Al fit in? Well, he's a great post scorer and still young enough to develop his jump shot over the summer and get his strength back up to where it was at before. Then he won't get man handled in the post by the bigger guys in the league.

I love the guy's game and he has been beasting the past few games. I think it's great that you can throw it in there anytime and draw a double, but he has to understand when to score and when to pass. Although, we don't have good shooters either. Do you think we should keep shopping Al? Is he the man or the myth? I would let it pan out, but it seems like Kahn and Rambis are trying to pull the trigger on a deal. They probably think that there isn't enough time left if we don't win now, because they're not making money as it is.

I know if Al is still a T-wolf next season he will be beasting it up BIG TIME and if we do trade him; whoever gets him will probably be headed for the playoffs.
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