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Default Re: Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

Originally Posted by NY-Knicks
depends on the competition. if I have talented scorers or creators on my team I let them dominate the ball and hope for the occasional post up or open jumper. I get some assists passing to shooters (for instance swinging it to the corner when his man is helping on me). I also go for as many offensive rebounds as I can.
If I play on a team like that I try to steal passes to get open opportunities. I also grab a lot of rebounds and contest as many shots as I can so I can be effective without the ball. But when I play on a less talented squad I tend to dominate the ball a lot. I am often less effective like that because I do not put all my effort on defense and rebounding. I also take way more shots.
I am at my best on such a team when I play in the post. I'm a guard with a very decent postgame. I can somehow be effective either way, but not especially well in one part.
I definitely agree that it depends on the competition as well as the level of talent on one's own team. If my team's IQ is such that we can play off one another through backscreens, give-and-go's, pick-and-roll's, clever looks inside. . .then yes. Unfortunately, there seems to be many times where, if I don't have the ball, I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off. I can make a great back cut, but I know the given teammate won't see me. Sometimes I'll look for a screen, but no one ever provides one. Sometimes I'll set a screen and no one knows how to use it.

In those situations, it does seem I need the ball because I believe I begin to get the feeling that if I don't handle the ball and make something happen, then everyone will just stand around and let nothing happen.
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