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Default Re: Anybody else need the ball to be effective?

Yea I would say the most annoying is when someone sets a screen and then does nothing... no roll, pop, or anything. A lot of the times in pickup games it doesn't matter too much because people almost always go under the screen (from my experience) so you can just shoot it... but every now and then you will get someone who wants to go over it or switch and if then it's like the screen was for absolutely for nothing.

Same goes for when I screen for others. Half the time I am wide open on a roll or pop and dude isn't looking for me... I never get too upset about tho because most people don't know how to play like that so I don't expect it. If they haven't played organized ball before then it's more than likely that they don't know what to do unless they watch basketball all the time and just know the game. They just know that sometimes when someone sets a screen that they have clear lane to the basket. I happen to be one of those guys who hasn't played organized ball but just knows the game, so I do the little things like space the floor for people or rotate to spots when they penetrate.. but yea like in your case... most of the times they don't see me.

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