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Default Re: THIS PICTURE IS UNBELIEVABLE!!!! .... Shannon Brown's head is

Originally Posted by sergiorodriguez
You're right. There is a man with a 48" vertical though. His name is Shannon Brown
I hate saying this, as I'm a huge fan of watching Shannon Brown do stuff like that, but I've seen that block 2,903 times and just now I happened to see what I believe to be Brown using his left hand/arm on Mario West's shoulders to give him that extra little moon boost.

Obviously I'm not stating this like a fact, but watching the play in real time, it looked like Brown rose up, then had a subtle second rise, like you see when guys hit someone in mid-air. On the replay angles you can see that arm planted on West. The level with which that arm played a role is debatable and regardless of boost or no boost it's still wayyy up there.
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