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Default Re: Future of the Hawks

Originally Posted by idizzle
I was reading a article on Joe Johnson a couple of days ago and how he was talking about how he is unimpressed with the ATL fans and the crowd at Philips Arena. He was like he like the fans but at the same time he was saying that we are not the best fans and how we should be more consistent. To me that was a kind of a slap to the face being a Hawks Fans. He talks about being consistent as a Hawks fan, he should be more consistent as the leaderr of the team. He does all the things from scoring and assist but he doesn't do it consistently like the big name players in the league. At times this season he just seem like doesn't care and he doesn't want to be their especially since Jamal Crawford came. Plus, all the rumors I've been reading and hearing about him leaving the Hawks and going to the Knicks to play with his former coach Mike D'Antoni, or to the Bulls to be in a better market. I think if Joe leaves I wouldn't even care. As much as I love the Hawks I think we are just a good team not a great team. I think if he leaves, the Hawks can still be competitive. I actually like Jamal Crawford better than Joe, at least he will go out and put up numbers even though he is a chucker, can score at will and put up 50. The highest Joe can put up is 41. If Joe was so good he would have got the Hawks to the playoffs every year that he has been in Atlanta. Mike Bibby is the main reason the Hawks have been in the playoffs. As far as I'm concerned he can go to the Knicks, Bulls, Nets, or anybody that will pay him what he wants and if he does leave I hope where ever he goes he never wins a ring.

The Hawks haven't landed a true-superstar player, and yet, this team has the pieces in place to go far this year.
Like you said, I wouldn't hold my breath on JJ. Bringing Crawford was a bit of insurance for the long run, which was a spot-on move. Seeing how quality starting SG's 6'5" and above, are the most difficult position to fill at the moment, I wouldn't be dead set on going after a potential replacement for JJ. If anything, the team needs to wait it out, see if the playoff success motives players to re-sign to try it all over again. Which is gamble, but at this point in the building phase, your options are limited. Thankfully, there are some solid SF's on the market, and that might be the key position to keep this franchise from having an off-season breakdown in order to fix the contract situation.
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