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Originally Posted by jello212
You want to trade Lawson AND a 2nd round pick for Foye? You do realize that Lawson's a better shooter, passer, and a better rebounder despite being 5" shorter?

You forgot to talk about one of the nuggets main weaknesses- defending gaurds- foye is chauncey billups jr and is just the perfect example of why lawson has to be considered tradeable- what if you could turn lawson into a randy foye type talent? Not only is foye a better player than lawson but he's a better fit- karl will play ac in the playoffs because he will want a defensive gaurd- that would be a great trade for the nugs- look at these kids here, lawsons value is high- and I bet they still don't notice that the other teams want lawson and kmart shooting

Jr for haywood or salmons type talent trades are very retarted-
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