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Default Re: Andre Miller New Career High-Points (52)

I thought Miller was a redundant signing and a needless one at that. He only blocks young guys who can handle the ball like Rudy and Bayless. I think Portland would be wise to go the younger direction since they obviously can't win it all this year. However, it's tough to do that when the sly old veteran Andre Miller drops 50+ points in a game against solid competition in a hostile environment.

Miller was simply on fire tonight. He was in the zone. I would never have expected this outcome from a pass first PG. It's a good thing for Portland but at the same time you have to wonder if it is kind of like Orlando's situation in the recent past with Skip to my Lou. Pretty soon, you're going to have to move the old guy so your younger talent can shine. And in Orlando's case that was Jameer Nelson.
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