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Default Re: Andre Miller New Career High-Points (52)

Originally Posted by StroShow4
This really isn't similar to the Rafer in Orlando situation at all. Rafer was brought to town because Jameer got hurt and Orlando needed someone servicable to hold things down. Rafer was dealt as soon as he was no longer needed.

If you paid attention to Orlando's playoff run, you would have noticed the tension between Rafer and the coaching staff, the team, and Nelson. He didn't want to be replaced when he was playing well and Nelson was coming back from injury.

It's a similar situation because it is out with the old and in with the new. The Blazers need to move the road block that is Andre Miller. I know he dropped 50 and that's great. All fans should relish in it. But in the big picture, he's not going to get the Blazers to the promised land. Bayless just might be able to do that...but how will we know since he can barely average 18 minutes per game?

Why did Portland sign Andre Miller? Are they that down on Rudy and Bayless?
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