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Default Chris Cohan is Officially an Idiot

I've always thought that Cohan was one of the worst owners in the league. There is this guy named Larry Ellison, waiting to buy this team, but Cohan isn't budging on his $400M price tag. I understand its a business and he needs to make money, but $65M over from what the team is actually worth $335M according to Forbes) is excessive. Ellison's offer of $310-$320M has been rejected by Cohan, but $340M I think is fair. Cohan bought this franchise for $120M 15 years ago and would much rather hold a "fire sale" to get rid of big contracts to save himself from financial trouble than to sell the team to someone who wants to win. He holds an 80% share of the Warriors which he basically got from a lawsuit. The other 20% should really be pressuring him to sell since they're all losing money as well.

As long as Cohan is the owner, this team will SUCK. Should start picketing games to make sure we don't put anymore money into Cohan's pockets which should force him to sell quickly. The attendance for the Warriors this season is at 18000 per game. Not taking into consideration season ticket holders and with an average ticket price of $44.00, he's making $792,000 per game. Imagine if that number dropped to $400,000 per game. He'd be forced to sell.
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