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Default Re: The next big player out of Chicago

I would categorically disagree with both of those statements. Richmond's status as an elite prospect predated his elite athleticism. I've watched him for four years and he wasn't superathletic when he was younger as he is now. It's only been the last two years of his high school career that he's developed that kind of explosiveness.

And the "knock" about him not having a position is exactly why I'm unsold on Blackshear being a better prospect: it isn't a "knock" to be versatile. It isn't like he's a 6'5" power forward or a 5'11" scoring guard. He's "positionless" in the good sense: he can play any of them. I could see him developing into an oversized, Evan Turner-like point guard/point forward, a Julian Wright-type faceup power forward, or anything in-between. Ultimately, I'll tell you exactly what his position will be: he's a prototypical small forward, with the size, shot and athleticism requisite for the position with the court sense, handle and passing ability to be a point forward.

I'm not saying Blackshear isn't better or won't be better; like you said, he's only a junior. But Richmond's combination of NBA-quality size for his position (small forward), athleticism and versatility means that to me, he remains the state's prospect until I see it from Blackshear with my own eyes. 6'5" scoring wings are more common than 6'8" guys who can legitimately play four positions.
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