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Originally Posted by big baller
I know your a big Pistons fan, so I thought this would be appropriate to ask you. How have the pistons been this season? Like could you make a small list of who has actually been doing good and who is doing bad? Because CV has good numbers but ESPN says he is a disappointment...then again, it is ESPN...
hmmn, Ill do my best. In many ways this whole team has been disappointing even with the lowered expectations coming in. Of course, significant injuries played a role, but thats no excuse for how poor they have looked over the season.

The Good
really, a short list.

Ben Wallace has been close to excellent for them and certainly much better than expected. He still has some off nights and hes not the defensive presence he once was, but without him this frontcourt would look terrible (of course, maybe kwame would look better with more mins - at least as a defender).

Jonas Jerebko has been an awesome surprise. Works hard and is a very smart player. If they knew he'd be this good, I think they wouldn't have signed CV. IMO he is one of their forward starters for the forseeable future.

Daye has looked good in his very limited minutes.

The mediocre
Chucky atkins has been surprisingly solid for the team. He has played much more than anyone expected and, while he hasnt been helping them win, he hasnt been the reason for their losses either.

Stuckey has been alright this season. Rounding into form and familiarity with the new team, his assists have gone up quite a bit over the last handful of games.

CV. He has had some hot nights, but hes also been sheed jr (0-5 from the 3 pt?). Not a good defender (which we all knew) but I thought he would rebound better than this.

Rip. Missed most of the first half of the season (or so it seems) but has been both efficient and effective in the last couple of weeks. Obviously not a team leader, but he isnt the reason we are losing.

Kwame, Wilcox and Maxiell. While no one expects superstar production out of this frontcourt trio, none of them (other than maxiell in the last handful of games) have done much in regards to playing winning ball. Wilcox is by far the most disappointing of the 3.

The Bad
Ben Gordon has been awful IMO. Terrible shot selection (same with stuckey) and absolutely shredded on defense. No leadership and not a great passer (which we knew) but he has been running more hot than cold
Tay has been declining significantly the past several years, but this year has been the nail in the coffin (granted, he may turn it around and this may be premature). His D is not there and his wonky offensive game is more ineffective than ever.

Jury still out
Will Bynum and Dajuan Summers.
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