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Default Re: 2010 NBA Rookie Challenge Game Thread

blair got robbed of the mvp. the biggest weakness the rookies had was size as they had to go against beasley, lopez, love, and gasol. didn't most on this board think that that's ultimately where the sophmores would capitalize in their win?

blair's scoring and work on the glass made the most glaring shortcoming a non factor. i'd also say there was more post defense being played last night than perimeter defense. and even if 4-5 of blair's boards are 'stat padding' or getting his own misses he's still fighting through some tough, long, and athletic big men to make those plays.

casual fans like to see guards score the ball (hence the fans 60% vote) and don't truly appreciate 20/20 or even if it was like 19/19 (22/23 minus ish's stat padding cushion) it still shoulda gone to blair because of who he was banging around in the post and that being their biggest weakness/mismatch.
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