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Default Re: NBA Should Abolish 7-Game Playoff Series

Originally Posted by wagexslave
And make the match-ups 1 game, win or go home elimination style. I think it could do a world of good for the NBA. Why do you think the Super Bowl and March Madness are so much more relatively hyped/popular than the NBA Finals or World Series? It's because of the one game series.

Here's some of the benefits one game elimination brackets have over 7 game series:
  • More hype is built up for 1 game championships compared to 7(meaning more media publicity and events)
  • The NBA championship game day could become an "unofficial American holiday" the same way the Super Bowl has, where people all over the country throw parties that one day and watch the game(this could be an easy way to gain more fans and popularity)
  • Forces the teams to push their limit every game or face elimination automatically, makes for intense games(instead of boring games where a team already has a 3-0 lead in the series and stops putting full effort for a game or two)
  • Elimination every game makes the playoffs go faster instead of being long and drawn out. (A lot of people lose interest in the NBA playoffs because they're too long, often boring and predictable)
  • Doesn't wear out veteran players as much, so older players can play at the top of their game every game

Honestly I find 1 game championships so much more intense and exciting than 7 games. Anyone agree with me?

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