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Default Re: Trade idea , dallas/detroit

Originally Posted by Rekindled
90% pistons fans want to Rip gone for expirings. you must belong in the other 10% that are mentally challenged.

Only an idiot would want to trade away Rip for expiring contracts. If we trade Tayshaun's $11 million and Rip's $12 million contracts to Houston for T-Mac's $22 million expiring contract, we will have, depending on the salary cap, $10-12 million in cap space. We will need to resign Bynum and possibly Ben, so knock that down to $8 million. We will also need to sign a lottery pick. So knock off another $1.5 to $4.2 million. AT BEST, we will have roughly $6 million to spend. So we would have traded away our two best trade chips (and likely our two best players) for the equivalent of the MLE.

You had it backward. 90% of Pistons fans are mentally challenged. I belong to the other 10% who have common sense. Obviously you do not.
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