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Default Re: Ronnie brewer has been traded to grizzlies for a pick

Originally Posted by wang4three
Personally, as much as Demarcus' beasts, I don't want him. Considering he and Patrick Patterson cannot coexist as big men down low, I don't want to see Brook being forced out further and further from the basket just because he actually has a perimeter shot. I much, much rather have Greg Monroe as he can face up, rebound, and pass.
I think they do a very nice job co-existing overall, especially defensively. Last game iirc they both had a double double and 19 points a piece.

I agree that they don't co-exist around the paint as much. For the most part PP doesn't get enough post touches and has become more of a perimeter shooter.

Lopez and the Nets need someone that can REBOUND, DEFEND and finish iniside at the four. Cousins has the toughness, the mean streak and he could become that defensive anchor we need.

Getting Greg Monroe wouldn't be an issue with me either, however I'd rather the Nets go after Cousins instead.
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