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Default Re: Jodie Meeks, Francisco Elson to Philly

Originally Posted by Posterize246
Meeks is a SG and despite his low percentages he can shoot. I watch every college game out there (college bball mod ) and I, like everyone else, fell in love with Meeks last year. He lacks a complete game but can catch fire and light a team up. Think JR Smith without the crazy athleticism.

It's not some crazy trade but it's a guy we wanted in the draft last year. With the poor job Stefanski has done with trades and signings, his evaluation of young talent and the draft (Speights, Holiday) isn't something I've questioned yet. Can we just start a lineup of Holiday/Meeks/Iguodala/Young/Speights?
Nice vid!! And thanks for the info on Meeks. Didn't saw much of him last year, nor with the Bucks so far so I had little knowledge of him. Now I'm looking forward to see how he can develop, and if he can become a contributor here.
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