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Default Re: i guess we did almost have a trade...

Yeah, Rush was "shocked" by it. Mohammed's under contract next year (player option I think), but it would've resulted in a bit of savings, somewhere between $1-2mm.

Honestly, I wasn't that excited by the rumor. I'm pretty ambivalent about it either way. DJ Augustin's OK, but not like he's a future starter for a team worthy of 50 wins or anything, we've got a solid future backup riding the pine in AJ Price. I think Henderson is an all around downgrade from Rush, he's similar to Dahntay Jones to me. Nice perimeter defender with no offensive ability but a drive and dunk. I'd be calling for rolled heads if it were a straight up Henderson/Rush scenario. As much as Indiana hates him it seems like we've finally realized to let TJ do what he does best, score. The only positive out of it, in my opinion, is a younger roster that really has no better prospects than we already have. To hell with the money, it's not my cash. Like I said, I wouldn't have been terribly upset by it, but it isn't the type of move that'd get me all that excited.
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