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Default Re: Penny Hardaway appreciation thread

The thing about Penny's peak is that we never really saw Penny's true peak considering he started to get with injuries by his 4th season. With Hill, we saw the numbers he was capable of in his peak since he started to get with serious injuries by his eighth season while with Penny we only really saw flashes of it like in that two game stretch against Miami in the playoffs.

Anyways, Penny was a really skilled offensive player. He was great at passing and could throw up some nice lobs as well. He could score from every part of the floor and had a nice stroke. He had some nice footwork and could play in the post as well. He had nice body control as well and could finish de3cently at the rim. He was a bit turnover prone and he was fairly decent on D, but there was never a serious flaw he had on the offensive end imo.
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