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Default Re: The Illini might be back....Introducing Jereme Richmond

Well, few guys improve as much over their college careers as Evan Turner has. Turner was a very good high school player, a Top 50 recruit, but I don't think anyone had any idea he'd be the best all-around college basketball player in the country and a possible No. 2 overall pick. So I'm definitely not saying that Richmond is going to be as good as Evan Turner.

But it's within reach if he works for it. He has similar abilities. He may not have quite as good of a handle or the same kind of uncanny court sense, but he's a better shooter and he's a little bit bigger and definitely more athletic.

I watched him play again yesterday, in the City/Suburban Shootout against Whitney Young. Waukegan was missing perhaps their second-best player, point guard Mike Springs (in fairness, Young was missing Sam Thompson, too). I don't remember what his stat line was, I think he had 16-18 points and 11 board and a ton of blocks, but he just destroyed Whitney Young. Statistically it wasn't a mind-boggling game from him but the overall skill set was on display big-time. Defensively, he was a one-man wrecking crew. Offensively, he hit several long-range pullup jumpers, had two highlight-reel dunks, and oh my god, the passing. It's my favorite part of his game.
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