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Default Re: Skiles report card

This could get interesting , if the Bucks break into the top 8 seed for the East.
I haven't dialed up the stats , but most of these wins are against teams with sub .500 records , and their schedule has been kind of soft this past few weeks.

One consideration we have to take into account is NOT SKILES , but the acquisition of vets Stackhouse , John S, and Royal Ivey besides Ridnour giving veteran leadership once on the floor as well as probably in the locker room to stablize the team.

I have to wonder what Hammond is thinking of the monster contract of Redd's that would be a huge bargaining chip for the organization if he decided to hang up the tennieee's ...

this past summer , autumn I projected the Bucks to win maybe 30 games or so.....

It looks like they could hit the 40 win mark.
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