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Default Re: Skiles report card

credit is due :
1 game over .500 now located in 7 th seed ....

But I'd say the play of John S. and Stackhouse are solidifying some play including Ridnour
All centered around center Bogut.

Chances of making the playoff's some where around 18% at best.

Bob's just went on a losing streak , but they will bounce back ... as well as Miami.
Toronto has missed Bosh , so they are or will make another push when he returns.

Wouldn't it be interesting if Hammond chatted up with Redd , Redd said thanks for letting me have a career and actually doesn't take the player option and walks
Little under the table agreement , that he would resign with Bucks for a 3 year contract ,,less money // don't know if that is even possible .
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