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Default Re: Should the Sixers have traded Andre Igoudala?

Here is what Ed Stefanski said which kind of shuts up fans. You trade Dalembert and Iggy, 2 players most fans want gone to Houston for Tmac? You're only $7mil under the cap (according to Ed). Now in 2010 who are you going to sign to replace what you lost? Doesnt make much sense to lose Iguodala to go out and sign a player to replace him that isnt as good as him. You make the Phx trade? And Amare Stoudemire walks and you dont have much cap space to replace the talent you lost. So like the Tmac deal, whoever you sign as a FA isnt as good as Iguodala. Now where do you go?

So you got rid of 2 contracts (Sammy/Iggy) and not only does it not give you much cap space to target the bigger names but you havent improved the team either.

Next season Kapono, Dalembert, W.Green are expirers. About $23mil. Its best to make deals/move this offseason/during next season to position yourself for 2011 free agents.

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