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Default Re: Ridiculously Early Offseason Ideas

Originally Posted by D-Rose
monroe is def out of the question since okc won't be in the lottery. Haywood would def be a great acquistion. Maybe Jermaine O'Neal for cheap, would add vet presence and D.
I agree, getting a vet on D is a priority for the Thunder. I made a trade to get us the Wizards first
Originally Posted by Buffalobraves
TRADE with the Wizards:

They Get:
Thunder First
Sun's First
DJ White
Kyle Weaver

We Get:
Wizards First

Thunder would be better off with one top ten pick then two firsts. I think were at the point where we have too many young prospects and we can get rid of two of them here. The Wizards would accept this because they need to re-build their team. The get two solid young players in White and Weaver and can add two more with the two picks.

Maybe it could happen.
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