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Default Re: Bucks in the TOP 8 (east)

Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee
I chided Bogut on Wednesday for his poor secondary percentage, but he's come a long way. Now that he's finally been able to say healthy for a full season, he's developing his arsenal of low-post jump hooks and rounding out the rough edges in his game. He's averaging a double-double on 55 percent shooting since Jan. 1, and crushing his career-high in PER; if we could redo the vote today he would almost certainly make the All-Star team.
While Bogut's offensive development has been impressive, his defensive transformation has been downright shocking, and isn't getting nearly the attention it should. Always a fierce, physical defender, he's picked up a knack for shot-blocking from nowhere. Bogut has increased his blocks average every month; his five rejections Wednesday night pushed his average to 2.4 per game, second only to Orlando's Dwight Howard -- and more than double his mark from last season.

Obviously the offense is centered around Bogut , and it's helping John S. with those looks.
I just hope Jennings dials down the shot selection and concentrates on dimes and cutting to the hoop.
inside hoops (espn) article tid bit from western Scout :

Western Conference scout on this season's surprise team:

"People would probably say Oklahoma City or Memphis, but it's Milwaukee for me. They weren't picked very high in general after losing [Richard] Jefferson, [Charlie] Villanueva and [Ramon] Sessions and then they lost Michael Redd on top of that. Now they're in the playoffs and they have a chance to get all the way up to that fifth spot [in the East].

"The two big reasons are [Andrew] Bogut is playing at a really high level -- more so than ever, it's his team -- and Scott Skiles is a helluva coach. Bogut has finally found a coach that believes in him and that he believes in and it's working for him. This used to be Michael Redd's team, but he's taken control of that team and is starting to look dominant like people thought he could when he came out of college. He's had some injuries and some growing pains, but [Bogut] has grown into this role. Then you put Jennings and some good, tough role players around him, and Skiles does a great job with this kind of team."

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