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Originally Posted by The Answer
Any tips for how to guard a bigger, stronger, faster, player like OJ Mayo?

If he's really got you beat in all 3 of those categories (and talent on top of that) then there's really nothing you can do. I would start by playing off of him and making him hit his jumper first. If he's hitting, then you should basically just bend over and drop your pants for the rest of the game, but if he's off then you might have some kind of chance to keep him from blowing past you every time down.

Another thing is to put a hand in his face when he shoots. Don't go for the ball because you're not going to get it, and if anything you'll probably get called for a foul on his elbow. So put your hand straight out and in his face so he has to shoot blind. Battier had a lot of success doing that to Kobe tonight. Yeah, I know Kobe went for 52, but when Battier was guarding his jumpers, he generally made him miss.

Good luck.
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