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Default Re: Connecticut Huskies fan thread

I'm happy with it. The bench drastically outplayed the starters save Kemba. This team is going to be much, much better next year. Getting rid of Dyson is great. I love Robinson, but besides nice dunks he brings nothing to the table. Edwards; one game he looks like a top 5 PF, next game he looks like he couldn't even start for DePaul. Not to mention these will be young players who would want to actually be coached. Dyson, Robinson, and Edwards just seem to do whatver they want to do when they want to do it. Win 3-4 games in the BET and NCAA tourney is probably in this team's future. As of right now, next year's team:

PG- Kemba/Beverly
SG- Smith/Lamb/Trice
SF- Smith/Coombs
PF- Oriakhi/Majok
C- Okwandu/Mandeldove/Bradley

2 more scholarships to fill I believe. One is going to either Knight/Selby/Joseph and one will go to likely Olander/Abraham/Ratliffe.
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