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all im saying is the trash on my side sees that and uses it to their advantage. you cant tell me i cant complain about stuff on your side.

thats like saying blacks cant ***** about the bs whites do.

but whatev.

tis no big deal really.

i have tons of idiots to complain about anyway

like ths woman
ATLANTA, Georgia (Reuters) -- Harry Potter fans in Gwinnett County, Georgia, can breathe a sigh of relief.

The Georgia department of education Thursday upheld a decision by the county board that would allow the wildly popular series by British author J.K. Rowling to remain in school libraries, Gwinnett school system spokesman Jorge Quintana said.

In October 2005, Laura Mallory, a mother with children at Gwinnett elementary schools, asked a local committee to ban the books about a young wizard, saying they were violent and promoted witchcraft.

The application was denied, so she appealed her case before different local and state officials. "At all levels the decision has been to keep the books on the shelves," Quintana told Reuters.

The state board decided the matter on a technicality, ruling that Gwinnett acted within its legal authority, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Web site.

"I didn't do a good enough legal job because I didn't hire a lawyer," it quoted Mallory as saying. The newspaper said she could file an appeal with the state superior court.

yea, shes a dumbass whitey. go team!
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