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Default 2010/11 Season - Predict Rockets Statistics

Well it looks like Aaron Brooks and Kevin Martin have figured out how to play together. They look like they will be a very dangerous backcourt next season. Luis Scola has been beasting lately scoring and rebounding. I know our playoff chances look slim but we have a lot to look forward to next season and we are playing well hovering around .500. We seem to have a pretty good big three in (AB-Kmart-Scola), then you add Yao Ming back into the mix next season.

So just for fun, what do yall predict will be the stats for players next season?

Yao (19.0ppg, 10rpg)
Scola (15.0ppg, 9rpg)
Battier (7.5ppg, 5rpg, DEFENSE)
Martin (23.0ppg,3.0apg)
Brooks (18.0ppg, 6apg)

- i just listed what i presume would be the starters (could be battier or ariza) and basically i was wondering how the ball would be distributed between Yao-Martin-Brooks with Scola getting his hustle points and open jumpers. I also wonder how Ariza would be a factor offensively. He put up 15ppg this season because Adelman let him have that freedom but he shot at a dismal 38% from the field and 31% from beyond the arch. He needs to work alot on that shooting during the off season and I expect him to go back to a more natural role with less scoring responsibilities.
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