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Originally Posted by telephone
never heard of ANY of those.

How have you never heard Longview?

Everyone rips off everyone. Thats where people get influences from but Oasis didnt completely rip of beatles. They just really influenced them.

Noel and Liam have freely admitted that they've copied off the Beatles at times.

Green day just uses the same power chords over and over and over and over again. Oasis may use chords but they actually have good melodic solos. their song writing rips green day's.

Punk isn't really about solos. Green Day's success comes from their rhythm section and pop hooks.

Liver forever, Lyla, supersonic, slide away are all pretty well known.

In the UK, they're very well known. In the US, they're only really known to Oasis fans. There are a lot of people who say they're fans, but have only heard Wonderwall and Chapagne Supernova.

Green day's music takes NO TALENT.

Meh. I've heard the same thing said for Oasis. When a band writes pop songs like Green Day and Oasis, talent is not the focus. Both bands are talented at writing good songs.

The guy cant sing, you cant hear the bass at all, the guitar substance sux and the drummer plays the same **** on wake me up and blvd.

Wake Me Up and Boulevard are not their best songs. That's like judging Oasis without ever hearing Definitely Maybe.

Definetly Maybe is probably one of the best selling albums of all time as well as morning glory.

Dookie has sold many more copies due to the difference in size between the US and UK markets.

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