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Default Re: Cincinnati Bengals official offseason thread

While Antonio Bryant is still inside One Paul Brown Stadium, Terrell Owens’ visit to the Bengals will not happen until tomorrow.

Owens is scheduled to arrive in Cincinnati tonight and will visit with the team tomorrow. Bryant though is still believed to be the first choice.

During an interview earlier today with The Enquirer’s John Kiesewetter, Chad Ochocinco was asked if there was room for both Bryant and Owens in Cincinnati.

“Why wouldn’t there be? I think this is the year of no salarly cap, if I’m correct. Hey, why wouldn’t there be?,” said Ochocinco, who was also talking about his upcoming appearance on Dancing With The Stars. “Let’s load it up, you know! We can get back to that firepower offense we were back in ‘05 and ‘06, when we were throwing it all over the place. Even though that’s not the makeup of our team right now, I think it can help. Period.”

However when asked if he had to choose which one, Ochocinco said: “I mean, it’s whatever. Both of them can help us.”

Bryant is also scheduled to have a visit with the Washington Redskins later this week.
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