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Default Re: Cincinnati Bengals official offseason thread

Originally Posted by AtomSmasher
Apparently the Bengals are close to signing Bryant. Do they have absolutely zero interest in signing high quality players? This guy is a head case, almost 30, has been hampered by injuries, and has had literally 1 good season in the NFL.

High risk high reward I suppose and he'll help them out if he can stay on the field but I honestly think TO would have been a better fit, LOL.

Honestly, though, I'd prefer him over T.O or Brandon Marshall. We cut Coles, one reason being because he couldn't hold onto the ball. T.O doesn't improve that issue. As for Marshall, he's talented, but a complete dickhead. Maybe Marv and company feel like they could add another reclaimation project to the team, but you keep going that way, and sooner or later, you are gonna get burned.
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