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Default Re: Cincinnati Bengals official offseason thread

Unless I'm forgetting someone, Palmer will be the best QB that Bryant has ever played for.

It's a solid signing, and I think they made the right move.

EDIT: found this on the Bengals board. QB's Bryant has played for:

1. 2002 was Quincy Carter with Dallas
2. 2003 was Quincy Carter again in Dallas
3. 5 games in 2004 was with Vinny Testaverde with Dallas
4. 10 games in 2004 was with Jeff Garcia with Cleveland
5. 2005 was Trent Dilfer (appeared in 11 games) and Charlie Frye (7) with Cleveland
6. 2006 was Alex Smith (rookie) with San Francisco
7. 2008 was Jeff Garcia (appeared in 12 games) and Brian Griese (5) with Tampa Bay
8. 2009 was Josh Freeman (rookie - appeared in 10) Josh Johnson (5) and Byron Leftwich (3) with Tampa Bay

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