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This truly feels great.

You know, I've been waiting for this moment for over the last 15 years.

You younger fans would never understand what this is like.

I had to watch Allan Houston's awkward running one hander goes into the rim after several bounces.

And right after Olympics, I had to watch Zo having a press conference to say that his career might be over when the franchise was finally looking like the cream of the conference(according to Rick Pitino).

And recently, I had to watch all the groupies saying "Kobe was actually the main man who brought LA 3 titles, and Shaq would never win another championship without Kobe, while Kobe would be the unanimous MVP while posting 35-8-8 on a 48% shooting from the field all while winning the championship single-handedly".

And not to mention this year... Everyone here was saying how Detroit is superior to Miami in almost every aspect, and how there's no way that the Heat can defeat Detroit in a 4 game series.

And finally, what a great night. And feeling.

Thank you for the great season.


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