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Originally Posted by DreamRuled
Ditto...the book was great, but the movie (as usual) sucks in comparison. The script was pretty poor, and plot lines were left out. Not worth the $, especially if you've read the book.

Great, I plan to go see this one in 40 minutes. Already made plans.

I had a big problem with this movie when it was first announced.

The book was written when the author was 15 and finished in 1998 and published by the guy's parents. Nobody read it or was interested in it until some guy read in 2002, and republished it in 2003. Then all the sudden it hit the best seller list.

It's a decent book, but a lot of stuff seems stolen from other works with just slight changes. Even a lot of the names in the book seem to be taken straight from Tolkien with just a few letters changed.

Also, the series was never finished.

Book 1 was "Eragon", and Book 2 was "Eldest", but the series was never completed.

Yet already it has a movie deal and a video game.

Why not make a movie about WoT, or a Terry Pratchet book, or countless others that are better written or better organized, or FINISHED!

I still kind've want to see it, because I can't wait to see how they end the movie, considering the main enemy, King whatshisname hasn't even appeared in the books yet, except in a few brief stories.

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