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Default Re: John Wall 9 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast against Tennessee in the first half

Originally Posted by GOBB
Cousins bigger Hakeem? *dies laughing*

You're talkin to a poster who knows Dalembert is our only interior defensve when it comes to blocking shots, challenging, altering them. Yet I still wanted to trade him and couldnt have cared less about who played Center. I would take Demarcus Cousins on the Sixers if he were drafted. I dont like Patterson tho, and the mock sites who have Sixers taking them need to kill themselves. Cousins attitude is just annoying is all, but he is a beast. If he can mature, control it? Chances it wont affect his team in the pros. Last thing he needs is a rep that follows him even when not warranted.

I also like that he reminds me a bit of Shaq in the post in how he clears guys out. His broad shoulders make it difficult to defend. You either foul, get owned or hope you get a call in your favor. He'll have to refine and polish his game but given he's only a damn freshman? Shouldnt be nor take long.

In short, i like him. But right now Wall, Monroe, Turner are the top 3 dudes I want in Philly. I'd put Cousins after Turner. And Cousins/Speights collabo? Eh. For me to be thrilled, Speights is gonna have to learn to pass and play defense. The "potential" of it is intriguing. Heck I'd take Cousins over Speights myself. That how much I've soured on Speights.
Cousins should be #1 on Philly's board, bra. Pistons as well.

No way you take Wall and Turner with Cousins staring you in the face.
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