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Default Re: John Wall 9 pts, 6 reb, 4 ast against Tennessee in the first half

Originally Posted by GOBB
I dont care what you think considering you called Cousins a bigger Hakeem. If Sixers took Cousins over Monroe, Turner? I wouldnt be upset, teary eyed at all. Not sure Sixers will have a change at any of these prospects but I'm hoping they win a top 3 pick.

Evan Turner would be perfect as a SG here. While he'll need to prove he has range at the NBA level. His midrange game is money, he can attack the basket and can distribute. In other words a playmaker. The way he plays just screams fundamentals, control, high bball iq. Iggy is no SG, that experiement needs to end. No need to speak on Wall, you saw what he did today. But in your moronic eyes? He did nothing a Jason Kidd in Dallas doesnt do. Yanno, it makes sense to compare a freshman to a proven NBA player. Gurantee you never saw J.Kidd at CAL his freshman year. Just like you didnt see Wall's game before this one in which he balled hard. You only see what you want, most of which is all f*cked up.

*continues laughing at bigger Hakeem comparison*

The funny thing is before i die? You cant even back that comparison up. Do it. I challenge you.
Turner is a SF.

Let's start there....
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