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Default Re: Post a pic of yourself 7

Yeah glove you really have no idea what you are talking about. By the sounds of it deuce has done a heap of micro plant biology, which is just as intense as any standard human biol subject. FYI, i am currently doing my bachelor of science majoring in biomedical science to go into medicine. In a heap of my courses there are ecology students doing biol subjects that count towards both degrees and i have done some ecology courses as electives. The ecology stuff has a heavier emphasis on maths/stats with alot of concept work while my microbiol and human systems subjects is just remembering a **** load of pathways, proteins, etc.

If DW was getting top marks in his field of work he could just as easily get top marks in biol- but obviously his passion is what he does. He also grows some bad ass tomatoes.

Once again, you are wrong.
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