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Default Re: Sofoklis Schortsanitis "Big Sofo" Now 300 Pounds

Originally Posted by Lebron23
What's his current weight right now?

I'm not sure. It gets reported lately as anywhere from 315-345. However, it is said that his body fat percentage is only 8% and that he can play full steam for 25 minutes. So even if it is 345 he is in pretty good shape basketball wise.

Not great shape, obviously it could be better, but people greatly exaggerate and basically totally make up that he is in terrible shape and can only play 10 minutes a game, or that he is all fat. His weight is said to be fluctuating now mainly from muscle mass gains.

When he went down to 300 he dropped the fat, but he also dropped some muscle. So he has been gaining some of that muscle back and thus his weight went back up a bit. He has been keeping the fat off for a good 9 months or so now.
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