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Originally Posted by BASKETBALL BABE
Go Wade i knew it. Yea the HEat were kinda off and on again during the regualar season, but than again they did have win runs and it just kept on getting bigger and bigger. They have improved this season and made it to the playoffs and won the championships. All i have to say is to the people who are saying that The Pistons played worse than last season, That is total BS, quit whining and just admitt that the Heat deserved the championship. Simple as that. To all the Mavs Fans who said Dallas is undefeatable at home, go stick it up yo asssses cause thats exactly what the Pistons thought this semifinals and we still beat em at home. WOw it feels great to prove people wrong. I knew they could pull through. Wade played absolutly great.

Who exactly did you prove wrong? Are you on the Heat?

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