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Default Re: WIF all-time NFL draft?

Originally Posted by KG215
I'm not calling you out to disagree with you, but you have to see where primetime is coming from. Rice was very talented, but he also had the good fortune of staying healthy into his mid-30s. There is something to be said about that, as well, but that doesn't necessarily mean Rice was ever more physically talented and gifted than Moss was in his prime. Prime Moss was a freak of nature: 6'4", 4.4 speed, great leaper, impossible to defend. It's hard to argue that Moss isn't the most physically gifted WR of all-time. And he put up some big numbers with some decent, but not great QBs. He played with an old Randall Cunningham, and since Culpepper turned into garbage as soon as he stopped having Moss to throw to, it's safe to say moss might have made Cunningham look a lot better than he really was.
it is impossible to argue...the NFL has never seen anything like him...

put 3 dudes on the guy and it just doesn't matter...

he would have made the QBs in Oakland look like probowlers also if any of them had the ability to throw the ball farther than 20 yards...they just had extremely weak arms...and Moss needs the deep ball to thrive...

they brought in Russell too late...
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