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I watched every game last year and the games where we looked like a playoff team is when the 2(Synder) or 3(Butler) played well, but that was few and far between. So I think they should draft like this:

#12: Ronnie Brewer, Cedric Simmons, Rodney Carney

#15: Quincy Douby, Raja Rondo, possibly Maurice Ager(reach)

Ideally we'd get Simmons for some power in the middle and Douby as our lights out shooter, which we desperately need.

In no shape or form should we draft J.J. Redick or Hilton Armstrong. We don't have the post presence that Redick needs nor do we need a player who doesn't play very hard.

Of course, I wouldn't mind us trading the two picks to get Brandon Roy at 3 or trade Claxton and #14 for Tyrus Thomas.

Any thoughts?
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