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Originally Posted by jbot
the whole movie just seemed generic, like those crappy movies made for the scifi channel. there were alot of holes in the plotline, ex: eragon suddenly starts spurting out all these magic words. how did he know them cause it wasn't explained. john malkovich's acting was dog poop (as well as everyone else's) and the indoor sets looked too plain.

the only character i even sorta liked was the evil shade, even though he reminded me of some 80's metal band singer.

did u see the ripoff scenes from star wars and lord of the rings? lame-o.

Well, to be fair... in the book, there were months of travel where Brom taught Eragon the magic, and sword fighting. Later after Brom died, he continued swordplay against his other companion (I can't remember his name, starts with an M, the one that got locked up).

In the book, the King never appeared (book 1 or 2). There was mention of him in Brom's story (which was much better in the book), and they talked about him, but he never directly appeared. And I've never been a fan of Malcovich.

Also, the book had several ripoffs, some of them I mentioned above, like Tolkien, so the movie if it was true to the book, was going to have these same faults.

One big thing about the movie that irritated me, was there were no races. Urgals were mentioned, but they just looked like oversized humans.

In the book, Aria was an elf, there were dwarves among the Varden, and Urgals were more like a cross between an Orc and a bear.

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