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Default Re: Are you glad they got a big or DO YOU WISH THEY GOT A PG?

Originally Posted by Jasper
Then Mo gets to cover Pierce

People laughed when Brown had JJ Andy Jamison mo and Lebron ..

I think that is a very dangerous matchup issue for most teams.

But this summer , I'd be shocked if Cav's don't look for a PG or SG.

If you put Rondo on the Cav's replacing Mo = championship.
No. Mo will cover Ray and either Moon, West, or Parker will cover Pierce. LeBron on Rondo will work at best with Moon covering Pierce though.

and the PG situation isnt really a NEED we have. if either guard positions needs to be improved it's SG. but to be completely honest i think we have all the right pieces to win a championship.

our FRONTCOURT is what needs to be addressed after this season though. we need to use any and every draft pick on a Center and hopefully with Sasha Kaun coming over we can hide what will probably be one of our weaknesses (Center position)
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